Wild Horse Tracks
Wild Horse Tracks

Deluxe Membership

PLEASE Do Not try to purchase deluxe memberships until after official release

Our deluxe memberships allow members to have access to deluxe only features. Features include but not limited to...

  • Secret Meadow Shop Deluxe Adoptables
    (These adoptables will be unnatural and include other creatures from time-to-time that members couldn't get otherwise.)
  • More User Images Unlocked / Avatars
    (This unlocks more images in the Character gallery and avatars.)
  • One Time Custom User Image
  • (Your first Deluxe upgrade you will have 1 free custom user image you can have made, deluxe renewals do not get custom image options.)
  • Golden Horseshoe Icon
    (This is a golden horseshoe that gets added beside your username, whereas, basic members have a silver horseshoe.)
  • Freedom Points
    (You will be given 5000 Freedom Points.)

    Freedom Points you can use to purchase items in the item shop, trade with, buy art from people in the forums, or use it towards purchasing trading cards!

    NOTE: Please allow up to 1-business day for your account to be upgraded to deluxe.

    Also, when signing up please use the username that you use on site so we can match you to your membership.

    To purchase a deluxe upgrade please go to our Patreon page below.

    Patreon Deluxe Membership